I am a narrator.

I have been ever since I started keeping a journal at age 10. I was convinced from an early age that my purpose in life was to interpret the true stories that were happening around me, and my family and friends became characters in an elaborate production that never ceased to inspire me.

As I moved through school it was clear I was meant to go into journalism, and I attended an excellent private university where my teachers cultivated this passion for communications. In learning to identify and speak to different audiences, my storytelling methods matured into thorough, creative plans. Essays, photography, short stories—these are the tools of my trade.

But I strived for more adventure and more material. One must experience the world in order to become its voice, after all. So I left for New York City eight days after graduation.

I have found plenty of adventure in the years since, and most of the themes you'll find on this site are about moving, traveling and discovering new ways to live. My latest adventure — married life in the Adirondack Mountains — means I'm no longer on this journey alone. But I still seek every opportunity to portray my surroundings in new, imaginative ways. I expect one day it will all amount to something grand. But in the meantime, I’m simply the narrator of each day’s production.

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Bermuda Sky

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