Paris, France

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“Everyone must go at least once!” I’d often been told about Paris. Still, it wasn’t on my Top 10. It was thanks to my best friend, who’d made up her mind to be in Paris for her (and alas, our) 30th birthday, that I discovered this grand city. 

Its charm, its beauty, its mystery... no matter how many photographs one has seen, or stories one may have heard, you have to experience it in order to understand how truly wonderful a place Paris is. It certainly made its mark on me, in the same way it has countless other people through the ages.

But there is one person who made his own mark on the City of Lights - Napoleon. The short-in-stature megalomaniac simply couldn’t get enough monuments in his honor, and even the most discreet or everyday objects of Paris are subtly branded with his famous letter N.

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